India is a country of villages. According to census more than 70% population live in rural area. Indian Farmers contribute a giant role for the growth of GDP in Indian Economy. He plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic development of Country. They are essential for the nation’s advancement & growth. To salute their contribution, Achievers Credit Co-operative Society Limited has introduced Achievers Kisan Bond with the aim of providing financial services to the farmers for their empowerment and better life style.

Get Double of your investment in 7 years
 Terms & Conditions: 
  1. Maturity duration is 7 years.
  2. At Maturity get 2 times of deposit amount.
  3. Minimum deposit amount of Rs 25000/-,thereafter in multiples of Rs 1000/-
  Loan Facility on deposit amount :
  1. Up to 3 year no loan facility available.
  2. After 3 year 70% can be availed on deposit amount
  3. Loan against deposits will be charged at 20% yearly, monthly yearly compound interest basis
  4. Instalment payment on loan Lapse on payment of instalment amount will make the defaulter pay 2% with next instalment amount.
  Pre Mature facility on Bond :
  1. Will not be applicable.
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