1. Every advisor shall undertake and perform his duties in such capacity and at such places as he may be
    directed by the Achievers Credit Co-operative Society Limited
  2. Every advisor shall maintain good conduct, discipline, punctuality and show courtesy and attention to all persons in their transactions or dealings with the Society.
  3. Every advisor shall discharge his duties with utmost integrity, honesty, devotion and diligence and do nothing which is unbecoming of him or which is likely to tarnish the image of the organization. Cases of fraud and dishonesty will attract penalty of dismissal and legal action.
  4. An advisor shall maintain secrecy about the affairs of the society and its members and will sign a declaration of fidelity and secrecy in the prescribed form.
  5. No advisor shall engage in any trade or business or accept employment or fee for any work done by him outside the organisation.
  6. No advisor shall take an active part in politics and stand for election anywhere outside and inside the society.
  7. No advisor shall indulge in gambling or speculative activities in any shares, stocks, securities, commodities or valuables. He can, however, make bonafide investment of his own funds in such securities as he may wish to buy.
  8. An advisor shall not enter into any personal dealings with its members or service providers (including contractors, consultants and vendors) of the society which may result in undue pecuniary advantages to the advisor.
  9. No advisor shall guarantee in his private capacity the pecuniary obligations of another person or agree to indemnify in such capacity another person from loss except with the prior approval of the society.
  10. An advisor shall so manage his private affairs as to avoid insolvency or habitual or excessive indebtedness. Issue of cheques by advisors on their personal accounts without keeping sufficient balance therein is an act of serious misconduct and will attract stringent disciplinary action.
  11. No advisor shall indulge in sexual harassment which includes such unwelcome sexually determined behavior .
Achievers Credit Co-operative Society