It takes honour for Achievers Credit Co – operative credit Society Limited to introduce exclusively designed bond for Indian women. She is the backbone of every Indian family. Woman has always a habit to keep reserve some money for financial uncertainty. These types of savings help to the family to overcome the situation arisen due to financial crises. 

A mother is a First school for all the children thus woman plays a vital role to shape the next generation. To salute the spirit of Indian woman Achievers Credit Co – operative Society Limited has launched United Achievers Grah Laxmi Bond (Silver Bond), specially designed for woman to uplift their dignity and financial strength.
Get Double of your investment in 6 years 6 months 
 Terms & Conditions: 
  1. Maturity duration is 6 years 6 months.
  2. At Maturity get 2 times of deposit amount.
  3. Minimum deposit amount of Rs 10000/-,thereafter in multiples of Rs 1000/-
  Loan Facility on deposit amount :
  1. Up to 3 year no loan facility available.
  2. After 3 year 70% can be availed on deposit amount
  3. Loan against deposits will be charged at 20% yearly, monthly yearly compound interest basis
  4. Instalment payment on loan Lapse on payment of instalment amount will make the defaulter pay 2% with next instalment amount.
  Pre Mature facility on Bond :
  1. Will not be applicable.
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