Achievers Children Plan
  (Only for 0-10 years old children) 
Education in India is seen as one of the ways to upward social mobility. Good education is seen as a stepping stone to a high flying career. Even after more than 64 years after independence we are far away from the goal of universal literacy. But on a positive note, Indian professionals are considered among the best in the world are in great demand. This signifies the inherent strength of Indian education system. It is an immense pleasure for Achievers Credit Co-operative Society Limited to introduce a very inspiring and beneficial scheme called “Achievers Higher Education Bond” to fulfil the dream of every Parent as their wards can go for Higher Studies in his/her chosen field of subjects.  
Achievers Platinum Bond / Achievers Identity Bond is for higher education of children of age group between 0 – 10 years. Achievers Platinum Bond is for boys and Achievers Identity Bond is for girls.
 Terms & Conditions: 
  1. Maturity duration is 16 years.
  2. At Maturity get 5 times/6 times of deposit amount.
  3. Minimum deposit amount of Rs 25000/-,thereafter in multiples of Rs 1000/-
  4. Up to 6 years no loan facility available.
  5. After 6 Years 70% can be availed on deposit amount.
  6. Loan against deposits will be charged at 20% yearly, monthly compound interest basis.
 Pre mature facility on Bond :
  1. Will not be applicable.
Achievers Credit Co-operative Society